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The Role of the Health & Social Care Worker

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DurationHalf day
LocationThe rates charged for training are: £100-daily rate £60-half day rate £150-for Skills for Care 2.5 day course 800 group and Social Care Partnership members will receive a 20% discount off all prices Bespoke training prices will be agreed ad hoc
Number of DelegatesAverage: Min – 5 Max – 16
CertificationA certificate of attendance will be provided for each course For accredited courses an accredited certificate will be provided

To explore the role of the health and social care in terms of roles and boundaries.   Some new and existing staff do not realise the complexities or the responsibilities of the role and this impacts on the quality of the support they provide.   The role of the health and social care worker is often seen as a job that has very little requirements for qualifications and skills.