The Nugent Care Community Resource Unit

Added 30th Nov, 2012

Nugent Care’s Community Services have for many years been at the forefront of personalised, outcome focused support for volunteers, community groups, Deaf people, people who are hard of hearing and people who have learning disabilities. These services run alongside support for homeless people and people in need of welfare advice or material aid.

All of the community service project teams are pivotal to Nugent Care’s response in meeting the challenges of people experiencing reduced life opportunities, and improving health and wellbeing for all. Some of these services are non-statutory funded and work closely with our Fundraising Team to engage with the local public and business community to provide much needed funds and raise the profile of social issues in our local area.

The Nugent Care Community Resource Unit, covers a wide range of services, and we are accredited by Liverpool and Sefton Supporting People Programmes. Over the last year we have provided support to over 100 families and 60 individuals, some of whom have successfully launched their own newsletter (SERUS) which service users use to communicate their experiences and achievements.