Sign On Screen

Added 30th Nov, 2012

MSDP has recently joined up with Sign On Screen to provide a breakthrough in communication, specifically designed to enhance a deaf persons life. Sign On Screen is the on line interpreting service being initiated by MSDP in the Merseyside region. The unique online platform opens a channel of visual communication between Sign Language users and provides them with the ability to access a range of services. These can include Solicitors, Accountants, Taxi’s, Takeaway food, Estate Agents, Travel agents and so on. There will be a variety of tariffs available to match the individual’s needs and also a Directory, which will include a list of businesses who will incur the cost of the interpreted call.

The real time link is accessed from an Internet connection and connects to a registered sign language interpreter. This can either be available on the move or at your desk.

This software is available for download on most devices such as – Laptops, PC’s, Androids, Tablets and IPhones.

These devices require a certain specification in order for them to be compatible with Sign On Screen.

The group of organisations that are working together on this project are all members of DN:UK (Deaf Network UK)

For more information about this project, please check out the website –

We will be organising events in the near future to inform people of how they can be involved on both the Customer and Commercial side.

For more information about this service, please contact Janice Connolly at MSDP on